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Scottish Nuclear

My employment with Scottish Nuclear / British Energy Ltd ...I worked in the Quality Department of Torness Nuclear Power Station for a year, before being promoted to First Engineer in the Corporate Quality Department at Scottish Nuclear's Headquarters at Peel Park, East Kilbride.From 1992 until 2006, as part of a small team, I was resposible to the Group Head for the development of documented Quality processes, maintaining records and providing statistics of Quality activities and improvements occuring throughout the company.

1991 - 2008

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Peel Park ...I controlled and maintained the Corporate Auditors Training Records, as well as conducting audits across the company's eight Nuclear Sites and at the premises of its Suppliers in the UK and abroad. Additionally, I designed, built and controlled the Corporate Quality Department's Website and used various advanced electronic techniques to improve both my personal efficiency and hence that of the quality team. In 2006, I transferred into the Corporate Security Department where, amongst other activities, I was resposible to the Corporate Security Manager for the development of quality processes associated with Security of all company sites. Inevitably, but reluctantly, on 26 April 2008, I retired after an enviable working life. During all of my working life I had the privilege to receive first class training, worked with the highest caliber of engineers and travelled to many places in the world. For all of these reasons, I am now a richer person.

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