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Retirement - 2008 to date

Retirement ...Although the sun has set on my working career, I still find lots of things to do and, in some respects, don't feel as though I have yet fully retired. I'm currently a committee member of the South Queensferry Probus Club, having previously been first the Secretary and then the President. I also having a keen interest in photography, I am a member of a local photography group.

Retirement activities ...For the first 4 years of my retirement, in my spare time, I assisted an ex-managment colleaugue and friend to prepare two of his books for publication.Now published, the first book is entitled:"Policing the Metropolis of Scotland - A History of the Police and Systems of Police in Edinburgh and Edinburghshire, 1770 - 1833"; and the second book is entitled: "A tale of two cities - Concerning the robbery in July 1811 of the Paisley Union Bank at Glasgow". > Previous Page

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