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Probus Archives

South Queensferry Probus Club Archives are still under construction ...

This Probus Club was established on the 10th of December 1985. This webpage record some of the things that have occurred in the Club since then.

ProbusClub Archives

John Davidson - George Brown

Alex Laughlan - Rupert Crowe - Jim Thomson

Jim Thomson - Alex Laughlan

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On 1st September, a deeply touching presentation was delivered to the Club by Mr John Helliwell on the subject of Mary's Meals. For more details, see

On 15th September, Mr David Batty gave an interesting presentation entitled The Street Kids and the Inca Trail. This presentation chronicled his journey, with a team of others, around Peru on behalf of the Vine Trust. For more details see

On 29th September, Ms Jackie Black gave a very composed, interesting, informative and often amusing presentation about the Deaf Action organisation. This presentation described the objectives and the work done by Deaf Action and demonstrated many of the equipments that they can provide to those in need of hearing assistance. For more details see

Typical Presentation:Sayano Shushenskaya