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Ferranti Ltd

1972 - 1990

My employment with Ferranti Ltd ...I worked for Ferranti Ltd for 19 years and was the Chief Quality Engineer of the Radar Division responsible for overseeing the Quality of the Design, Development and Manufacture of RADARs notably, but not exclusively, the Sea Spray and Blue Kestrel radar systems. In my final year with the company, I was the Chief Quality Engineer of the Laser Division.

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I was involved in projects that required me to travel and work in foriegn countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Brazil, Germany, North America, as well as working domestically at various sites around the UK.My employment with the Ferranti company came to an abrupt end in December 1990, after the company had been defrauded and many positions, including my own, were declared redundant by GEC the company that took it over.I was however lucky enough to acquire a new position with Scottish Nuclear Ltd, at Torness Nuclear Power Station starting on the 7th of January 1991.

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