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Humble beginnings...I was born in my maternal grandparents' house at number 13 Coanwood Road, Scotswood, Newcastle upon Tyne, on the 26th of April 1945 (this is me in my mother's arms), but lived and grew up at number 53 Delaval Road, Scotswood, until 1956.My paternal grandparents lived at 26 Juliet Street, Elswick.

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1945 - 1956

Living conditions...As World War II was just ending, times were hard. My parents' home, at 53 Delaval Road, was near the Vickers Armstrongs Works. This had been a prime target for Luftewaffer bombers, so many of the houses nearby had been hit and where they had been only rubble remained.The house in which I lived had no electricity or hot running water and, as was normal for that time, had no bathroom or inside toilet.My father was a Fitter and Turner by trade, but, soon after I was born, he left home to serve abroad with the Royal Air Force (208 Squadron) as an Armourer. There were serious health issues for us all in those day. Two of my aunts had tuberculosis and my younger brother Steven had polio.And now these are affectionately called the "Good Old Days" !

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