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About me 2

I served in the Royal Navy for almost eleven years.My basic training took place at HMS Raleigh in Cornwall. This was followed by intensive Electrical and Electronic training at HMS Collingwood. I was later to return here to under go an adult Naval Apprenticeship and Mechanicians Course.

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My Royal Navy service...

1962 - 1972

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My first assignment I was to HMS Lochinvar at Port Edgar, which at that time was the base of the First Minesweeper Squadron. I first acquired my sea legs on the Minesweeper HMS Bronington, which was based here. For the next ten years, I travelled the world extensively and saw active service on:HMS London (County Class Destroyer); First Commission Book: HMS Duncan (Fishery Protection vessel);HMS Echo (Survey Ship);HMS Cleopatra (Anti-Submarine Frigate).However, despite having achieved Senior Rate Status, I decided to leave the Royal Navy in 1972, as by then I was married with two children, who needed more stability in their lives than the navy could provide. I completed my service at HMS Drake in Plymouth and moved to join Ferranti Ltd in Edinburgh, but remained on the Reserve until 1982.

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